Art & Design


At New Forest School, we believe that art forms a valuable element of our pupil’s education. Through art, they are able to develop their imagination, critical thinking and problem solving. Above all we aim to build confidence and self-worth by using a range of mediums and allowing individuals the freedom of expression to design and create.

Not only are our pupils able to explore, enjoy and develop their creative abilities and artistic skills, the implementation of cross-curricular objectives encourages them to investigate and develop reflective and critical writing, along with supporting their use and development of IT skills for research and presentation purposes.

For some of our pupils the classroom environment can be a challenge at times. To assist those pupils, 1:1 support is available and we offer a bespoke and individualised programme of study tailored specifically to their needs, abilities and interests within the subject whilst adhering to the National Curriculum requirements.

Progress, development and individual achievement is monitored through the use of the AQA Assessment Objectives from the start of KS3, these offer a wide range of opportunities to experience the rich and varied approaches to making and appreciating art, craft and design.

We recognise that a GCSE in art is not going to be achievable for all our pupils, so we offer them the ability to work towards and gain recognition for their achievements through the ‘Arts Award’ programme and AQA Unit awards.

Art & Design