Vision, Ethos and Aims


New Forest School provides a safe and secure environment which allows our students to develop the self-confidence and resilience to re-engage in learning. These learning experiences aim to prepare our students to face the world beyond our school, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to be successful in their next steps on their educational and personal journey allowing them to make a positive contribution to society.


The aims of the school are to:

    1. Support, promote and re-engage students in learning so that they may achieve their full academic and personal potential
    2. Welcome each student into a stable, caring, safe community which celebrates individual talents, praises achievement and effort and provides for individual needs
    3. Teach respect for the beliefs and opinions of others
    4. Promote positive behaviour amongst the students and to help them make a positive contribution to society
    5. Guide the students towards social and economic independence
    6. Provide a consistent and secure base for the students and to help protect them from harm
    7. Support and promote the health of the students

“New Forest School provides a good quality of education and meets its aims.”
Ofsted Inspector July 2012

Ethos & Values

Our ethos is represented by a set of 5 core values we hope to instil in each of our students, and which is modelled by every member of staff working at the school.

  1. Teamwork
  2. Resilience
  3. Enjoyment
  4. Engagement & Excellence
  5. Self – Belief