Emergency Closure Procedures for New Forest School

It is extremely rare that New Forest School closes due to weather or other circumstances. Where possible we will modify the school day to adapt to the weather/situation. For example, we may:

  • Limit lessons that take place off site (farm, PE, Outdoor Education) to reduce travel requirements
  • Arrange a later start or earlier finish to the day to provide more time for travel
  • Discuss alternative arrangements for those students who travel a significant distance to reach the school

Whenever there is advance warning of possible disruption due to weather conditions, New Forest School will try to contact all parents/carers to highlight the fact.

In order to communicate all information during these times, New Forest School will:

  • Make use of our text message service to communicate with parents/carers
  • Attempt to make phone contact to all parents/carers
  • Post a tweet to our twitter account
  • Place a message on the homepage of this website