A high-quality science education provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. Science has changed our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity, and all pupils are taught essential aspects of the knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science.

Through building up a body of key foundational knowledge and concepts, pupils are encouraged to recognise the power of rational explanation and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. They are encouraged to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, and analyse causes.

Science at New Forest School is very practical based and guidelines from CLEAPSS on the use of chemicals are strictly followed by all staff.  Some experiments are done as demonstrations behind a safety screen to ensure the safety of the pupils at all times.

In Science there are many opportunities to use ICT, from research, drawing graphs and tables, to writing up investigations.  The Science room has four computers, one for every student.  ‘Kerboodle’ software is used in many lessons as a visual and interactive resource, as well as BBC Bitesize videos and revision aids.  The digital camera is also used often to record pupils work and for displays. Teacher produced worksheets are used for both written and practical tasks.

Science Lessons

Key Stage 2: Science is class taught by our Junior School teachers who deliver a 3 year rolling curriculum.
Key Stage 3 and 4: Science is delivered by subject specialists at both sites, with students receiving 3 lessons per week.


  • Entry Level Science
  • BTEC Science
  • GCSE Science