At New Forest School, we aim for all our students to be able to:

  • Acquire basic numeracy skills;
  • Reason clearly, setting arguments out in a logical manner;
  • Approach problems systematically, choosing appropriate techniques for their solution;
  • Enjoy mathematics and appreciate the fascination that mathematics can hold;
  • Gain the mathematics skills and understanding needed for their future careers and life in today’s world;
  • Appreciate the application and power of mathematics in other subject areas;
  • Confidently use and explore mathematical ideas, understanding all they do and not just learning techniques.

Mathematics Lessons:

Key Stage 2: Maths is class taught by our Junior School teachers who deliver a 3 year rolling curriculum.
Key Stage 3: Maths is delivered by subject specialists and given a high priority with the majority of students receiving 5 dedicated Maths lesson per week.
Key Stage 4: Students receive 4 dedicated Maths lessons, delivered by subject specialists. Bespoke 1:1 support and booster lessons are timetabled when required.

More detailed information about content covered within the curriculum can be found via the Maths Menu.


Students have access to the following resources to support their learning:
MyMaths for Key Stage 3 books: A series of books from Oxford University Press.
MyMaths Online Learning Environment: Students can login here
AQA Higher and Foundation Text books: Used within GCSE lessons.

Career Opportunities:

Maths is a very useful subject for students who are planning to go to university to study engineering, the sciences, design, economics, business, finance, accountancy…the list is endless! It is a powerful tool in many subject areas.