Languages Overview

At New Forest School, all students learn a Modern Foreign Language from Key Stage 2 upwards.

It is an optional subject at Key Stage 4 and students who choose Modern Foreign Languages are prepared for both FCSE and GCSE Spanish.

At all stages, students speak, read and write in the target language as frequently as possible. As well as teaching the academic skills needed to learn a language, we aim to give Students a taste of the music, art, popular culture, traditions and customs of other countries. They are encouraged to be curious and to compare and contrast their experiences with those of people from other cultures.

Students learn Spanish because it is a phonetic language and therefore more accessible.

Where a student has prior learning or life experience of a language other than Spanish, every effort will be made to enable them to continue to develop their skills in that language and, where possible, to gain external accreditation. This may take the form of facilitating online learning or employing a specialist tutor.