Severe weather Warning – Transport Update

We have just had contact with Transport Services for both Hampshire and Dorset regarding implications for tomorrow with the Amber Weather Warning and forecast gales.


Dorset have cancelled all transport for students with the following information provided:

Due to the severe weather warnings associated with Storm Eunice tomorrow and the potential risks to travellers, Dorset Council has made the decision to suspend all transport to schools, alternative provisions and adult day care centres for Friday 18th February.


Hampshire have not yet made a decision on cancelling student transport. However, they have told all taxi companies that if they are not confident they will be able to safely complete both their morning and afternoon runs, then they should not pick up students in the morning.


Given the current forecast which has winds between 80-95 mph during the morning we would ask parents/carers who provide their own transport for students to make the decision if you are confident/happy to undertake the journey in to school. If you have any concerns or are unable to make the journey due to travel disruption then please do not worry – simply contact the school so we are aware.

We will continue to monitor the forecast and any correspondence from the Local Education Authority and Transport Services and update parents/carers if anything changes.

Kind regards,

Duncan Smith