Over the half-term holiday further progress was made with the Dibden Development. The main corridor and entrance lobby was cleared, including the removal of some built in cupboards and an old doorway. This has made the corridor seem much brighter and spacious. New Oak doors were hung in various doorways and the addition of reeded board and a complete repaint of the corridor has left the site looking completely different inside.

Behind the scenes, our IT Support Team undertook a complete rewire of the network to tidy up after all the new classrooms have been added and ensure the best possible network access for all PC’s and students iPads (via wireless).

The new staff workroom had flooring, a kitchenette and work desks installed plus furniture delivered to provide a space for staff on preperation lessons to complete their planning and grab a well deserved drink.

Finally, a lot of work was completed in the DT and IT classrooms with new benching, carpets, AV equipment installed and sinks/plumbing for the DT room.