Entry Level Geography

The OCR Entry Level Certificate in Geography inspires and engages students by providing a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study.

This qualification is co-taught alongside GCSE (9-1) qualifications. This gives students the opportunity to take an exam which does not just depend on final exam paper with no coursework.

Instead, there is a piece of field work based on the local area, a personal project- a topic of interest chosen by the student and written up ranging from a poster to a full investigation, as well as basic exam, accessible to all.

There are three topics in the exam:

This topic encourages students to engage with their ‘local’ place by understanding who lives there and how it has changed over time.

Students also explore how the world is changing with a focus on megacities.

In this topic students will have the opportunity to explore tectonic and flood hazards, particularly focusing on their causes and impacts.

The case studies enable students to investigate two places in a little more depth.

Students have the chance to investigate why rainforests are so important to the planet and people and how they are used.

This topic discovers the importance of food and energy in the UK as well as fair trade for farmers in distant places.