With our students requiring extra support and encouragement to engage in lessons. We have created a scheme called “The young apprentice award”. This scheme gives each student a new case study/project each half term, which covers the 5 main areas of the functional skills exams. (Research. Spreadsheets, Publishing, Communication and Organisation). This scheme engages the students to complete tasks, which they would not usually try, adding an element of competition against their peers and a sequence of development, which they are able to see independently.

The scheme has covered the following case studies/projects:

  • Festival planning organiser
  • Theme park creator
  • Refreshment stall manager
  • Tour operations manager

Students will be cover:

  • Interact with and use ICT systems to meet given needs;
    • Use correct procedures to start and shutdown an ICT system
    • Use input and output devices
    • Use software applications to meet and solve given problems
    • Recognise and use interface features
    • Change simple software settings
  • Store information;
    • Open and save files
    • Know how to insert and remove media
  • Follow safety and security practices;
    • Use and change passwords
    • Minimise physical stress
  • Use simple searchers to find information;
    • Search stored information
    • Search web-based sources of information
  • Select relevant information that matches requirements of given task;
    • Select relevant information that matches requirements
  • Enter and develop different types of information to meet given needs;
    • Enter, edit and format information, including text, graphics, numbers or other digital content, to achieve the required outcome
    • Insert and position graphics or other digital content to achieve a purpose
    • Process numbers to meet need
  • Bring together different types of information;
    • For print and viewing on-screen
    • Check for accuracy and meaning
    • Check suitability of information
  • Use ICT-based communication;
    • Read, send and receive electronic messages
    • Use contacts
    • Understand the need to stay safe and to respect others when using ICT-based communication